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Upgrading a 20 year old DIY conservatory

Once upon a time Carol and Mark had a dream. They wanted a conservatory.

Mark being an architectural engineer and a bit of a handyman built them a conservatory with a plastic polycarbonate roof. They even installed a radiator and blinds to be able to try to control the temperature in the cold winters in the warm summers.

Fast forward a few years and the battle of the thermostat is well underway. If the thermostat is in the house with Carol the conservatory was freezing for Mark watching the footy. If the thermostat is in the conservatory with Mark the house turns into a furnace for Carol! (I think we all know who’s winning this one don’t we guys. )

After a few more years of making do they realise the problem is only going to get getting worse and worse. So decided to make a change.

Enter Supalite.... Accompanied by Blueframes merry men.

Now Mark is able to enjoy the conservatory as it was always intended. Enjoying comfortable temperatures to watch Friday night football. Result! The battle for the thermostat is finally over.

This job took a little bit longer than expected Due to difficult access ( which is also the reason for the slightly awkward angles on the photos) but still was complete in just three days.

If you want a free quotation get in touch and we’ll happy come out to measure up and give you an accurate quotation.

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